Damian Berrili produces creative designs

Creative designs driven by artistic passion

Based on the Gold Coast, Décor Fusion Design is the result of the inspired collusion between Damian Berrili and Ilia Chidzey. Two passionate artists and designers who have combined their skills and experience to produce a range of unusual and creative designs that are a fusion of art, sculpture and industrial design.

Damian previously spent twelve years honing his talents as a world competition level billiard table craftsman, and has built on this knowledge to express his highly imaginative and artistic side. HIs expertise in a diverse range of materials means that no design is impossible. He is able to transform your concepts into reality through a combination of timber, glass, acrylic, mirror and metal. To see more of Damian’s personal projects visit his website.

Regrettably, Ilia is no longer able to participate actively due to health reasons, but is proud to have been a part of this creative venture.

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