resin and timber table

Creative and inspiring custom designed solutions

Décor Fusion brings custom designed colour, warmth and a hint of the exotic into your home. Challenging the idea that form should follow function, we believe that sometimes the beauty of our materials guide our creative products towards their purpose.

Our range of custom designed furniture and home decor solutions encompass resin and timber furniture, coffee tables and bars through to mirrors and architectural features. Décor Fusion focusses on elegance and style while maintaining practical interior design solutions.

Open up a room with a mirror that is also a work of art, incorporating soft timber, vibrant colours and gently etched textures. Your resin river coffee table becomes a conversation starter and your balcony balustrades a statement about your lifestyle.

Based on the Gold Coast, Décor Fusion Design custom designed products are all hand made locally and we pride ourselves in our ability to understand and work sympathetically with materials and form. While passionate about art and creativity, we are also keenly aware that beauty becomes even richer when it fulfils a function. Décor Fusion design is sculpture with purpose.

You can now view some of our work at:
The Timber Slabman
153 Ferry Rd,
Southport, Gold Coast
Queensland, 4215
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